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March 10, 2002

Ventura County Sunday Star

Now is a Good Time to Think About Your Life Insurance Policy

February 26, 2002

PC Magazine

Fiscal Fitness

January 23, 2002

Virginia Gazette

Web is the Best Weapon For Insurance Hunters

January 2002

On Magazine

Final Instructions

November 5, 2001


Suddenly, Everyone's Looking for Life Insurance

June 7, 2001

Philadelphia Enquirer

Web Winners

March 1, 2001

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Watching The Web - Life Insurance

January 2001

Insurance Networking


December 21, 2000

Gannett News Service

Online Insurance Can Offer Deals

September 11, 2000

Forbes Magazine Best Of The Web

July 30, 2000

Associated Press

Life Insurance Can Be Family Security Blanket

April 2000

New York

Cost Cutters For New Parents

February 28, 2000

Travel Agent, New York, NY

Overseas Coverage

January 13, 2000

Advance of Bucks County, Newton, PA

E-commerce: changing the face of business

November 17, 1999

Tri-State Media All-News Network

Electronic Commerce Alters the Way We Do Everything

October 16, 1999

Associated Press

Not Having Insurance Can Lead to Huge Medical Bills

September 1999

Sky Magazine, Delta Airlines

A Matter of Policy

May 18, 1999

Click and Pick

November 15, 1998

New York Times

Insurance Shortcuts, On Line

November 1998

Home Office Computing

Seeing Green on the Web

October 1998

Parents Magazine

Getting Your Financial Life in Order

June 01, 1998

Business Week

Click Here for Coverage

March 1998

Money Magazine

Policy Decisions: You've Got to Shop Smart to Get Great Insurance Online

May 1997

American Bookseller Magazine

Silicon Superhighway or Narrow Dirtroad

April 1997

The Web Magazine

Top of the Web

January 1997

Money Magazine

Save Money on Your Safety Net by Buying Life Insurance Online

January 1997

NetGuide Magazine

10 Ways to Make Profits on the Web in 1997

July 01, 1996

Business Week

Unlocking the Mysteries of Term Life

June 1996

SmartMoney Magazine

The SmartMoney Test -- Rate Expectations

July 17, 1995

Reno Gazette-Journal

Shopping for Insurance Online

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