QuickQuote Adds Dental/Vision Insurance Plans

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October 2001

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Reno, NV - The online insurance marketplace consistently ranked #1 in "Customer Confidence" by Gomez Advisors, QuickQuote.com, has expanded it product line to offer consumers the ability to comparatively rate and purchase dental insurance, with some dental plans combined with vision insurance as well.

QuickQuote's dental plan providers, Security Life Insurance Company and Baltimore Life Insurance Comapny, now are being quoted on the Web site for 47 states (not yet in Hawaii, New York or South Dakota). Some of the plans include dental only; some offer dental with vision insurance and some are senior plans for anyone age 60 plus. All are indemnity plans and allow visits to any dentist or optometrist. There are no "vision only" plans.

Most dental care benefits are included, from preventive care (i.e. exams, cleanings, and x-rays, to basic services (i.e. fillings and extractions) to major procedures (i.e. crowns, root canals, dentures and oral surgery). Orthodontics are covered by some plans. The vision plans provide coverage for vision exams and prescriptions eyewear.

"While plans and prices are updated frequently , a recent display of dental/vision quotes for a 35-year-old single person ranged in price from $23.60 to $35.50 per month," said QuickQuote President Daniel P. Wager, "But, keep in mind, the system also provides comparison quotes for families and more carriers will be added soon."

To obtain free quotes for Dental/Vison Insurance, simply log on to QuickQuote Access the Dental/Vision Insurance Quote System through either the "Health Insurance" icon (top of home page) or the "Dental/Vison" listing in the drop down menu (bottom of home page). After completing a few simple quiestions, a set of quotes will be displayed for your review.

Based in Northern Nevada, QuickQuote.com was the Internet's first interactive insurance marketplace with its debut in 1995. The Web site has been rate #1 in "Customer Confidence" by Gomez Advisors each quarter since Fall 2000. QuickQuote also was named "Forbes Favorite" for Life Insurance in the Fall 2000 "Best of the Web" edition of Forbes.com magazine and has been rated #1 by SmartMoney.com for "Customer Service" and "Web site Resources." QuickQuote.com offers term life insurance, individual health insurance (now including denatl/vision), fixed annuities, travel health insurance, international health insurance and universal life as well as an Auto Insurance Center and a Mortgage Center.

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