Term Life Insurance in Maine

We offer Maine residents term life insurance from several A-rated life insurance companies. Term life insurance is very similar from state to state, with a few exceptions. This guide should help you understand the differences as well as find resources in your state.

Policy Cost – The premium (cost) you pay for your term life insurance policy does not vary by state. It is the same regardless of which state you live in. Premiums are set by life insurance companies then approved by the State Insurance Department.

Company Availability – Not all companies are available in every state. For example, if a life insurance company has not filed its product or rates with your State Insurance Department, that company won't be available in your state. Company availability changes often due to new filings.

Product Availability – There are instances where life insurance companies offer only specific products or riders in a state. For example, a company may offer a child insurance rider on their policy, but the feature may not be available in all states. These exclusions can be viewed by clicking on the life insurance companies in the list below.

State Guarantee Association

State guarantee associations are committed to protecting resident policyholders and beneficiaries in the event of an insurance company insolvency. The association is made up of all insurance companies licensed to sell life insurance, health insurance and annuities in the state. If an insurance company becomes insolvent (goes out of business), the association steps in to protect policyholders by continuing coverage and paying claims, up to defined limits.

In Maine, a term life insurance policy is protected up to $300,000. This amount is the maximum benefit provided for any one life. In other words, multiple policies on any one person are limited to this amount.

Maine Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association

PO Box 881

Boothbay Harbor, ME  04538

Telephone:  207-633-1090

Website:  www.melifega.org

State Insurance Department

Maine Bureau of Insurance

Telephone:  3800-300-5000

Website:  www.maine.gov/pfr/insurance/

Legal Information

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